Rugby 6 Nations Tour

On this tour you will be flying rugby fans to various locations for the Royal Bank of Scotland Rugby 6 Nations Championship 2012..


  • **You must have a suitable aircraft for the amount of passengers to be flown**

  • *Legs must be flown ON or AFTER the date of the actual rugby game, flights flown before the date of the match will be rejected*

  • *All legs need to be flown online on IVAO*

  • *Filing a incorrect flight plan will cause the respective leg to be rejected*

  • *All reporting times and dates need to be UTC*

  • *Only real-time simulation rate may be used for the tour. Accelerated time or slew mode is prohibited*

  • *Reports need to be sent in within 7 days from the date of the respective flight*

  • *Make sure you have all of the charts needed for each aerodrome*

  • *Only two legs may be flown per day*


The legs

Click here to view the legs and start flying!

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