Operation Joint Warrior - 2013-03-09

The governments of Blueland and its coalition forces have ordered a 'No Fly Zone' over Redland due to political unrest in the area. The no fly zone is currently only allowed to be patrolled by aircraft belonging to Blueland Coalition Air Force aircraft, and should not be overflown or penetrated by any unauthorised aircraft.


Phase 1
(1800z-1930z): It is the task of the Blueland Coalition Forces to ensure that the no
fly zone is not penetrated by any unauthorised aircraft.

Phase 2
(1930z-2100z):It will be the mission of support aircraft to gain control of two abandoned airbases of Kinloss and Lossiemouth in Redland territory.

For further information and to express your interest as a participating pilot please see the event page: http://gb.forum.ivao.aero/index.php?topic=218713.0

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