The Atlantic Crossing - 2013-02-24

We are pleased to announce that one of the biggest events on IVAO is returning! We will again be departing from all over Europe as a number of divisions from as far as Greece join up for what is set to be an extremely busy event.

As usual, IVAO US and CA have agreed to provide aerodrome and en-route control for our arrivals into KIAD and KPHL.

Pilots who depart from any of the mainland European airports except for Lisbon and Barcelona, will route via Shanwick and Gander for the Atlantic crossing. Those pilots who fly from Lisbon and Barcelona will route via Santa Maria and New York Oceanic. Both routes will be fully staffed for the entire crossing to ensure realism for all involved!

During the course of the event, the majority of participating pilots from each of the divisions should merge to cross the Atlantic and arrive into the their choice of the 2 US airfields simultaneously. 

We would encourage pilots to fly in groups with their division to ensure the event is as fun as possible for all pilots and gives everybody a mini-event within the main huge Atlantic Crossing event.

All participating pilots must ensure they are aware of the different procedures used for oceanic ATC. A guide has been created with all of the information you require;

This year we are introducing time slots for all pilots to obtain their clearances and gain entry into the tracks which are split into divisions. We strongly advise all pilots to stick to these as much as possible to ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible. Failure to do so may cause a significant backlog and delays with the oceanic entry.

Obtain Clearance
France & UK 13-13:30z
Germany  13:30-14z
Netherlands & Belgium 14-14:30z
Denmark & Czech  14:30-15z
Portugal & Spain 15-15:30z
Italy & Greece 15:30-16z
Finland & Sweden 16-16:30z
Unofficial division groups 16:30-17z

Entry Times
France & UK 13:30-14z
Germany  14-14:30z
Netherlands & Belgium 14:30-15z
Denmark & Czech 15-15:30z
Portugal & Spain 15:30-16z
Italy & Greece 16-16:30z
Finland & Sweden 16:30-17z
Unofficial division groups 17-17:30z

Within the slots is a slot for divisions that aren't in the above list. If you belong to any of those divisions please try to stick to this window as much as possible to help the oceanic controllers. Although we have been informed that Germany will not be an officially participating division, we are aware that a number of pilots from the division wish to take part in the event. Subsequently we have added in a time window for the German Division in anticipation of a high number of pilots. If you are a pilot from the US division wishing to participate, please stick to the time slot of the division from which you are departing to ensure things run as smoothly as possible.

In order to make the event work, it is essential that you fly the routes that will be provided here on the day of the event. Different departures will be required to fly on different NATs in order to make best use of the airspace. We will provide routes for all promoted departures:


Pilots > For essential information about routes, scenery, charts and a detailed pilot briefing, please browse the menus above.

Controllers> To find out how to get involved, click "Controllers" on the above menu.

We look forward to another hugely successful Atlantic Crossing!

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