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A Virtual Airline (VA) is a dedicated organisation that uses Flight Simulator to model the operations of an airline. These may be mimics of real world airlines or make believe. They aim to provide a realistic aviation experience to flight simulator enthusiasts. There are a large number of VA's around the world consisting of thousands of members from different countries.

An extra document with an overview of the VA producers can be found here

Here in the UK Division, we are pleased to support the following UK based VA's:

British Airways Virtual

British Airways Virtual

British Airways Virtual was one of the worlds' first Virtual Airlines to receive official recognition from its real world counterpart. With a membership of over 1,000 Pilots BAV is a vibrant and dynamic FS community and is rightly considered to be one of the world's leading Virtual Airlines, with some of the best Virtual Pilots around.

Currently in its third incarnation BAV Consists of custom developed Pilot Flight Monitor software, Phoenix, and schedules that accurately reflect the real world BAW schedules. Cargo operations, classic fleets, and a legacy fleet including Concorde are also available.



Fly UK Virtual Airways

Fly UK Virtual Airways is a well-recognised, dedicated, independent, free of charge virtual airline open to enthusiasts participating in the flight simulation community worldwide. They offer flight operations similar to a real world airline, enabling you to experience what it is like to be a commercial pilot.

They operate a varied fleet of aircraft including jets, turboprops and helicopters. They have over 3000 flights to fly per week to over 200 worldwide destinations.



Freeworld Airways

freeworld airways

Freeworld Airways is a Virtual Airline for users of X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Our aim is to give users a highly realistic flying experience, simulating real-world airline operations for pilots who appreciate doing it just right.
All our routes are based on real-world flight plans provided by our team of dispatchers. Our rating system, designed by a real airline pilot, is based on pilot merit not amount of hours flown. This means that a good pilot is not forced into flying small aircraft for an extended period of time while gaining hours.

We are based in Germany and the UK, with a route network stretching across 5 continents and hubs in North America, Asia and the Pacific. We utilise the finest add-on aircraft available to enhance the realism of our operations.

Please don't hesitate to browse our web-site, and visit our forums... We hope you enjoy FreeWorld Airways!




If your virtual airline is looking for a stable network, a realistic environment, as well as professional ATC service, IVAO United Kingdom and Ireland is the best solution.You can register your virtual airline in 3 easy steps:

  1. Read the rules pertaining to virtual airlines on the IVAO Headquarters website
  2. At the bottom of the HQ page, click NEXT to access the Virtual Airline registration form.
  3. Contact a member of IVAO United Kingdom and Ireland Staff to discuss your airline's activities and ATC needs.

IVAO United Kingdom and Ireland will be happy to work with you to provide the most realistic online flying environment to your members.

If you would like your virtual airline added to this page, please contact a member of staff.

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